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A.J. Delgado is a political analyst and journalist who served as a senior adviser to the 2016 Donald Trump U.S. presidential campaign.

Before joining the Trump campaign, Delgado was employed as a conservative opinion columnist for the website Mediaite and contributed to other conservative publications, although she is not a strict conservative. For example, Delgado supports same-sex marriage.[1] She has also been critical of Sarah Palin concerning her political action committee's spending priorities.[2]

A superficial and selective examination of Delgado's journalistic pursuits may seem to show an inclination to oppose institutions and people generally thought of as conservatives rather than not. In July 2014, Delgado wrote an article in which she demanded that conservatives stop defending police forces.[3] A few days afterwards, she wrote an article expressing her support for 9/11 truther Navy SEAL Jesse Ventura in his lawsuit against the widow of murdered Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.[4]

But criticism, even emphatic criticism, of individuals and institutions notable for their conservative reputations is not necessarily a sign of a broadly-applied mistrust. Nor is a recognition that the growth of a particular conservatively-oriented institution is offering diminishing returns from its patronage. For example, establishing a police-state is not generally recognized as a conservative goal.

In October 2014 a wiki-editor drew up a series of accusations which served to caricature Delgado, despite the editor displaying a capacity to write clear descriptions. He wrote:

On October 8, 2014, Delgado went on a bizarre tirade on Twitter in which she attacked the Fox News Channel for interviewing the mother of a victim of the terrorist attack in Benghazi,[5] denounced people for wanting to know the full details of the attack,[6] and posted multiple tweets attacking President George W. Bush[7] and Operation Iraqi Freedom[8]

These accusations are not substantiated elsewhere on the internet, the events apparently going unnoticed, and Delgado deleted at least the first of her first Twitter posts.

Earlier in 2014, Delgado had published an article in The Guardian website[9] with the title "Republicans can't blame Clinton for Benghazi while absolving [potential U.S. Presidential candidate Chris] Christie of Bridgegate". The very title suggests she was attempting to clarify a conservative principle regarding fairness. The value in discerning, using and cultivating such a principle may very well escape the notice of those who only practice only favoritism in their political judgments, but regardless, in the case of the Fox presentation, Delgado may have been demanding that conservatives not blame Hillary for Benghazi since they seemed willing to excuse Chris Christie in a very similar case.

The second and third of Delgado's tweets[6] and even the wiki-editor's description of the first bear an alternate explanation than opposition to the purported scope of the Benghazi hearings, but rather a desire that the hearings be conducted sincerely and not in an overly-prolonged fashion.

Pursuant to this end, judgments which motivated her to write can be at least provisionally reconstructed which plausibly fit the language she used. Firstly she felt that the Democratically-controlled executive branch provided a backdrop for Republicans to engage in a conflict with those likely seen as political opponents to the supporters among their constituents that a Republican-controlled executive branch would not have offered; and secondly that she felt the supposed information-gathering purpose of the conflict poorly served the survivors of the embassy murders, those persons who deserved answers the most.

The wiki-editor went on to write:

Not surprising for someone with her liberal views, she is an enthusiastic defender and supporter of late-term abortion advocate Wendy Davis; even going so far as to praise Davis's campaign ad attacking Greg Abbott's disability[10] and defend Davis's use of disabled Americans for propaganda purposes.[11]
Delgado has also expressed anti-military views, criticizing U.S. Army Ranger First Sergeant Albert Marle for being on a US Airways flight in his uniform.[12]

Yet the website Twitchy, a website that records notable events on Twitter, documents Delgado joining in a crowd-sourced ridicule of a vain Wendy Davis campaign tweet on October 22, 2014. The tweet displayed a photo of a group of young Republicans described as "friends" of Davis—that the campaign seemingly took at random from an image search engine for display instead of using a photo of actual Davis supporters—to deliver a bandwagon appeal to voters.[13]

And if one of the documented sources is any indication of the accusations made, Delgado can hardly be called anti-military. Delgado's former website, Mediaite, which she cited, described the event where Army Ranger Marle may or may not have been allowed by flight staff to use the closet to hang his uniform because he was not seated in first class,[14] but Delgado merely imparted puzzlement as to why the sergeant was wearing his dress uniform while noting the name of the airline, a name which itself happened to suggest domestic flight service.[14]

The news website also noted that the incident had "sparked outrage on social media", so perhaps Delgado sought to remind users of social media that there are two sides to a story before intemperate voices prevailed. Two long-time (before February 2010) Twitter-users self-identifying as having served in the military pleasantly engaged with Delgado about her post, and she noted: "@ShawnLivingLife Check Mediaite and watch Judge Jeanine's total breakdown over it. Crazy!"


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