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Aargau is a canton in Switzerland which borders Germany, Basel-Laandschaft canton, Solothurn canton, Luzern canton, Zug canton, and Zürich canton with the capital Aarau.[1]


It includes 542 square miles (1404 square kilometers)[2] of the Swiss Plateau and a segment of the Aare River and features a picturesque landscape of valleys and pastoral wooded hills. Located there are the hot springs of Schinzach Bad and Baden.[3]


Aargau first became a part of Switzerland in 1415 when it was taken from the Hapsburgs by the Swiss Confederation, though Bern kept a portion of the land. The Bernese part became Aargau canton in the Helvetic republic in 1798, while the rest was the canton of Baden, but in 1803 they and the Frick region were united as Aargau canton.[4]


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