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Abortion laws exist in all fifty states of the United States, in the territories of the United States, and in virtually every nation in the world. These laws range from requiring taxpayer-funded abortion as ordered by courts in liberal states to a ban on abortion except in cases to save the life of the mother in some nations.

Abortion laws can be rendered unenforceable by state courts. Planned Parenthood is involved in many of these lawsuits, for instance, Planned Parenthood v. Danforth[1] and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.[2]

Situation in Europe

Most European countries allow abortion during the first three pregnancy weeks. Two countries prohibit abortion entirely: Malta and the Vatican City. Liechtenstein, San Marino, Andorra and Ireland allow abortion only when the mother's life is endangered though in Ireland the definitions of it are so broad making the ban nearly ineffective. Iceland, Finland, Poland, Torshavn and the United Kingdom restrict abortion to danger of the mother's life, health and certain other circumstances. Russia is going to ban abortion.


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