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State legislation is by far the most important cause of increases or decreases in abortion. Most legislators claim to be pro-life, but what have they passed in 2012?

State or Nation Legislation Comments Politics
Mississippi The legislature passed HB 1390, which requires that "doctors working at abortion clinics ... have admitting privileges to a local hospital."[1] It awaits the governor's signature. this is the finest bill of 2012; its approach ends cost-shifting done by many abortion clinics, and the media are reporting that the only remaining abortion clinic may close
Utah passed a law requiring a 72-hour waiting period before having an abortion, but the bill has a loophole allowing the 72 hours to start running from disclosures to the woman that may occur outside of the abortion clinic, as in a referral center Unlikely to have much effect due to the loophole, but perhaps better than nothing Moderate Republicans dominate Utah politics
Virginia passed an ultrasound bill requiring that women be given the opportunity to view an ultrasound of the unborn child, and that the abortion provider describe the ultrasound to her[2] This law contains several of the provisions passed in Texas and upheld by the federal Court of Appeals for that state
Mississippi House passed a "heartbeat bill," HB 1196.[3] There are better bills to pass. Mississippi is considered the most pro-life state in the nation, but its legislative agenda on this issue has been relatively weak in recent years.

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