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The Abrahamic religions are those that can trace their history back to Abraham. Many believe that the two Abrahamic religions worship the same God.[1] Judaism, the first Abrahamic religion, is considered to be an ethnic religion because it was the indigenous religion of the Hebrew people, but Christianity is considered to be universalizing religions.

The significance of Abraham in Judaism and Christianity begins in Genesis 12:2, when God says to Abraham "I will make of you a great nation." According to Jews and Christians, this promise was fulfilled as Abraham's son Isaac was the father of Jacob, who founded Israel.

Adherents of the socio-political ideology of Islam claim their ideology to be an "Abrahamic religion" as well, and this belief is also shared by liberals who normally otherwise attack Christianity, Judaism and other religions, although based on its history, Islam is more correctly viewed as being akin to the totalitarian ideologies of Nazism and Communism, which were likewise embraced by liberals over time due to the opposition of both ideologies to Christianity and Judaism. According to Islam, the significance of Abraham's lineage was through his eldest son, Ishmael. Muslims claim that Mohammed is a descendant of Abraham through this line. Muslims also claim that Abraham was the first Muslim, even though Islam was founded centuries after Abraham's time.

List of Abrahamic religions

Ideology claimed as an "Abrahamic religion" by its adherents and allies


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