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Adolphe William Bouguereau (IPA: ˈeɪdɒlf ˈbʌgəˌrɚ) (1825–1905) was a French painter. In 1850, Bouguereau won the Prix de Rome at age 26 with the painting Zenobia Found by Shepherds on the Banks of the Araxes.

I accept and respect all schools of painting which have as their basis the sincere study of nature, the search for the true and the beautiful. As for the mystics, the impressionists, the pointillists, etc., I don't see the way they see. That is my only reason for not liking them. Bouguereau.

Bouguereau was the most popular French artist of the late 1800s. Among his best works are: La Danse (1850), The Knitting Girl (1869), The Birth of Venus (1879), A Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros (1880), Evening Mood (1882) and The Bohemian (1890).

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