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Aggression is a both a political and social concept. In politics and military affairs, it refers to taking the first move in a war - especially a war of conquest. The United Nations has proposed various treaties banning "aggression" but without giving any sort of definition of it at all.[1]

In human society, aggression is often synonymous with taking the initiative in any endeavor, such as sales, R&D or sports leadership.

Among animals of the same species, aggression is generally found among males competing for scarce resources such as territory, food, mates, and group dominance.


  1. While arguments to include aggression centre on its extreme gravity and international repercussions, arguments against its inclusion centre on the lack of a sufficiently precise definition. Another part of the debate focused on the role of the Security Council in this regard. Pursuant to Article 39 of the UN Charter, the Security Council "shall determine" the existence of an "act of aggression". "Crimes within the Court's Jurisdiction", ICC