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Åke Green, born 3 June 1941, is a Christian pastor who was sentenced to one month in prison under Sweden's law against hate speech for preaching a sermon in his own church to his own congregation that condemned homosexuality as "a cancer on society". Green was indicted on charges of "hate speech" for preaching God's holy scriptures to fellow believers in his church and sent to prison.

On February 11, 2005 a Swedish appeals court, Göta hovrätt, overturned the conviction and acquitted Åke Green as a result of international pressure and negative publicity. On March 9, the Prosecutor-General of Sweden appealed this decision to the Supreme Court of Sweden, which on November 29 acquitted him as well.

In their opinion, the Supreme Court ruled that the pro-homosexual Swedish Law used to prosecute Green violated Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Homosexual Activists lobby for Swedish "hate speech" Law

In 2002, the Swedish parliament, as a result of lobbying activities from the militant Swedish Gay Rights Movement, included homosexuals in a list of groups protected from "expressions of disdain". The list appears in a section of Swedish criminal law (Brottsbalken) known as The Act on Persecution of Minority Groups (Lagen om hets mot folkgrupp).

Ake Green's Sermon

At his church in Borgholm, Green delivered a sermon in which he described homosexuality as:

... abnormal, a horrible cancerous tumor in the body of society, ... homosexuals [are] perverts, whose sexual drive the Devil has used as his strongest weapon against God. ... A person cannot be a Christian and a homosexual at the same time... homosexuality is chosen, not inborn, and everybody can be set free and delivered...

The prison sentence against Green created a global outcry against homosexual oppression of freedom of religion and freedom of speech for religious leaders who denounce homosexual behavior as sinful and contrary to God's teachings.

Controversial anti-homosexual activist Fred Phelps praised Green, something that the Swedish pro-homosexual lobby seized upon for publicity purposes. However, Green distanced himself from Phelps, considering him to be a burden to his cause and reputation.