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Amber Laura Heard (born April 22, 1986) is a Hollywood actress. She was born to a Catholic religious family in Austin, Texas. She left her religion after moving to Hollywood and became an atheist. She also came out as homosexual. She is known for her liberal views and liberal movies with sexual displays and drugs. She was formerly married and divorced to another atheist actor, Johnny Depp (see Atheism and divorce). She got $7 million after her divorce which she donated to the far left progressive union ACLU.[1] She entered a legal battle with Depp after they accused each other of domestic violence. Johnny Depp entered into evidence an audio recording to prove that she was very violent to him.[2] In a classic he-said-she-said, Heard is alleged to have defecated in Johnny Depp's bed. As of May 2022, the jury has not ruled on the allegations.[3] An eyewitness testified to the veracity of the allegation.[4] Photographic evidence of the Hollywood's diva and leftist icon's legacy remained uncensored by Google Images during the trial. She is a defender of planned parenthood and supports abortion.[5] She gave birth in 2021 via surrogacy without identifying the second biological parent or co-parent of the child.[6]