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Theodore Beale declared that according to the 2001 American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) "more than half of all atheists and agnostics don’t get married."[1]

The atheist divorce rate is a steep 37%.[2] Additionally, 51% of atheists are likely to cohabit and 31% of atheists never actually get married.[2] Christian apologist Michael Caputo wrote: "Recently the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has published its mammoth study on Religion in America based on 35,000 interviews... According to the Pew Forum a whopping 37% of atheists never marry as opposed to 19% of the American population, 17% of Protestants and 17% of Catholics."[3]

Scientific research has demonstrated that active churchgoers are "35% less likely to divorce than those who have no religious preferences".[4]

Theodore Beale declared that according to the 2001 American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) "more than half of all atheists and agnostics don’t get married."[5] See also: Atheism and marriage

The fertility rate is significantly lower in the atheist population (see: Atheism and fertility rates).

Atheism and divorce statistics

See also: Atheist marriages and Atheism statistics

As far as atheism and divorce, the social researcher and author Shaunti Feldhahn found that those who attend church regularly have a significantly lower divorce rate than those who don’t.[6][7] Feldhahn conducted eight years of research on divorce statistics and examined U.S. Census data, data from various university centers and relevant books/journals.[8] In addition, Feldhahn interviewed social science researchers about their methodology and to confirm various quotes.[9]

Furthermore, the Christian apologist Ken Ammi wrote in his atheism article at Creation Ministries International:

“According to Barna, ‘Forty-two percent of adults who associate with a faith other than Christianity had co-habited, while atheists were the most likely to do so (51%).

“It is critical to stress that it is a well known fact that cohabiters experience a very high number of ‘breakups’ before getting married. ‘Millions of people … believe that cohabitation is a prelude to marriage. And for many, it is. However, Smock reports that 45% of cohabitations break up with no marriage. Another 10% continue cohabiting.’

“Barna did not include this enlightening fact in his research. Thus, if 21% of atheists divorce after marriage, and 45 % break up once or more before marriage, what we have is the astounding rate of about 66% of atheist couples experiencing ‘at least’ one break up. If, however, the number is 37%, then we have a shocking figure of 82% …

“What needs mentioning is the fact that many atheists do not cohabit as a prelude to marriage. They in fact see cohabitation as ‘equivalent’ to any marriage relationship … These break ups were not included in the Barna research …

“The appellation ‘Christian’ a Christian does not make. There are great numbers of people in this world who call themselves ‘Christians’ but have never internalized the teachings of Jesus Christ." … [10]

Atheist Vladmir Lenin and no-fault divorce

See also: Atheism and communism and Atheism and politics and Secular left

According to the University of Cambridge, historically, the "most notable spread of atheism was achieved through the success of the 1917 Russian Revolution, which brought the Marxist-Leninists to power."[11] See: Atheism and communism

The Christian writer Joe Carter writes about the atheist Vladimir Lenin and no-fault divorce:

In the last few months of 1917, leftist revolutionaries led by Bolshevik Party leader Vladimir Lenin launched a coup d’état against the provisional government. As notes, Lenin became the dictator of first Marxist state in the world and “set in motion political and social changes that would lead to the formation of the Soviet Union.” One of the most profound changes was an attempt to abolish marriage using divorce as the hammer and sickle that would destroy and sweep away the institution.

No-fault divorce is the term for the dissolution of a marriage on a finding that the relationship is no longer viable, without any need to show “fault” or marital misconduct. Because no-fault divorce was birthed in the USSR, it is worth examining how and why it was instituted in that country and comparing how it mirrors the outcomes in the U.S.[12]

Mao, communist China, family and divorce

The article The Chinese Family Under Mao states regarding the atheist Mao Zedong and marriage:

Mao saw the clan and the family as institutions that kept the peasants oppressed so he issued several policies to break down the family structure. Families were made to eat in cafeterias; which meant no home needed a kitchen, children were raised in daycare centers instead of being looked after by relatives, parents were cremated instead of buried, and the ancestor tablets (family records) and ancestral halls were destroyed in the Cultural Revolution.

Mao’s attempts to remove the family from the center of Chinese life ultimately failed, but not before destroying a few aspects of traditional culture.[13]

John D. Clares states about Mao's 1950 marriage law and divorce:

Traditionally, women were regarded as inferior to men. Girls had to be obedient to their fathers, wives to their husbands and old women to their sons (the Marriage Law abolished this)...

Mao Zedong declared that 'women hold up half the sky'. The Marriage Law abolished the supremacy of man over woman, and also concubinage and child-marriage. It allowed a wife to divorce her husband, but forbade a husband to divorce his wife if she had a child less than one year old...

The CCP actively tried to destroy the family; in some communes men and women lived in single-sex barracks...

So many women asked for a divorce that Party officials started refusing permission, despite a re-issuing of the Marriage Law in 1953.[14]

Modern communist China and divorce

China has the world's largest atheist population.[15][16]

The current atheist population mostly resides in East Asia (particularly China) and in secular Europe/Australia among whites.[17] See: Asian atheism and Secular Europe and Western atheism and race

Below is an article on modern China and divorce:

Divorce in atheistic North Korea

Kim Jong-un is the communist dictator of North Korea.

North Korea practices state atheism and belief in God is actively discouraged.[18] It is a communist country. Open Doors, an organization based in the United States, has put North Korea at the very top of its list of countries where Christians face significant persecution - for 12 years in a row.[19]

Below are some articles on North Korea and divorce:

Atheistic Vietnam and divorce

Vietnam is a communist country.

Officially, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is an atheist state.[20]

Below are some articles on Vietnam and divorce:

French Revolution, atheism and divorce

See also: French atheism

On July 14, 1789, the Bastille was stormed by a mob and its prisoners freed, which is regarded as the start of the French Revolution.

The University of Cambridge reports the following historical relationship between atheism and the French Revolution:

Between 1700 and 1750 thousands of atheistic clandestine manuscripts circulated across Europe (although still only read by a very small minority)...

The French Revolution (1789-94) would dramatically transform the power relationship between belief and unbelief in Europe: whereas before atheism had been 'high brow', discussed in the cafes and salons of Paris, henceforth it would set itself down among the people. A strident unbelief became a real political factor in public life, as the anticlerical 'dechristianisation' period following the revolution would demonstrate. The impact of the French Revolution in inspiring people to put the irreligious ideas of the Enlightenment into practice would extend beyond France to other European countries, and to the American colonies (although in the latter it would take a deistic rather than atheistic form).[21]

According to Brandeis University:

On September 20, 1792, the French National Assembly passed a decree regulating divorce, which for the first time in France opened the possibility of completely severing marital relationships. For the authors of the decree, divorce was inextricably linked to the concept of liberty: it was “a consequence of individual liberty which an indissoluble engagement would destroy”.[22]

New atheist Richard Dawkins and divorce

See also: Richard Dawkins and women and Elevatorgate

Richard Dawkins
The new atheist Richard Dawkins has been divorced three times and he is presently not married.

The new atheist Richard Dawkins has been divorced three times and is he currently not married.

Theodore Beale wrote in the his book The Irrational Atheist about Dawkins's claim that teaching children about Hell is more harmful to children than "mild child abuse":

Richard Dawkins is perhaps one of the last men on Earth who should be discussing what is the right and proper way to raise children, given that the number of his wives outnumber his offspring.

In his letter to his daughter Juliet, addressed to her at the age of ten and published in A Devil’s Chaplain, there is little mention of love, no admission of regret, and no paternal promises. As one British journalist noted, the letter is “coldly impersonal” and “authoritarian.” There is no expression of interest in what might be important to her.[23]

Atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair and divorce

Eric Lyons at Apologetics Press indicates about the prominent atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair:

Madalyn Elizabeth Mays was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 13, 1919. In her late 20s, after already having been married and divorced, she began referring to herself as Madalyn Murray—taking the last name of William Murray, with whom she had an adulterous relationship, and never married. At the age of 46, Madalyn married Richard O’Hair and became forevermore known at Madalyn Murray O’Hair—the poster-child of atheism in America during the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.[24]

Atheist Richard Carrier, adultery, divorce and polyamory

See also: Atheism, polyamory and other immoral relationships and Atheism and marriage

The atheist Richard Carrier divorced his wife and now practices polyamory.[25] Before divorcing his wife, he was involved in adulterous affairs[26]

The Christtian apologist Jason Engwar at the Christian blog Triablogue wrote:

Richard Carrier has a post up announcing that he's "polyamorous", which he calls his "sexual orientation". He's been adulterous in his relationship with his wife, and they decided to get a divorce after having tried polyamory for a while. In the thread, he refers to how he has "sympathy for people who cheat on their spouses", how he's come across "many" polyamorists, and how he's become more convinced that "monogamy is the actual problem". So far, most of the responses at his blog are positive.[27]

Carrier advocates the crank notion that Jesus never existed and is merely a myth which is a baseless, extreme minority position among historians and contrary to abundant historical evidence pointing to Jesus being a historical figure (The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, a parcel of the propaganda of the atheistic, communist Soviet Union, is the only encyclopedia to ever advocate the Christ myth. See also: Historicity of Jesus).[28][29][30]

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