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JP Holding

JP Holding
JP Holding

James Patrick Holding, commonly referred to as JP Holding, is a Florida-based Christian apologist and oversees Tekton Education and Apologetics Ministry which provides answers to questions which are often posed regarding the Christian faith. Tekton Apologetics Ministries is one of the leading apologetics ministries on the Internet with over 17,000 articles. The site was initially created in 1998 as a spinoff from an earlier website with which Holding was associated, the Christian Apologetics Bookshelf. [1] JP Holding holds a master's degree in Library Science.[2]

Holding has also created a YouTube channel, TektonTV, which hosts over 1000 videos, most of them animated and humorous expositions of Holding's website articles. [3] One of the typical offerings is Storage Wars Jerusalem, a parody of the well-known Storage Wars television series, in which Holding depicts fringe theorists as buying storage lockers in search of artifacts which they believe will disprove Christianity. [4]

Books by JP Holding

An atheist paid $5,000 to have Richard Carrier write a work which argued against Holding's essay The Impossible Faith.[5]

JP Holding is the author of multiple books. Two of the leading titles are The Impossible Faith and The Mormon Defenders.[6][7]

Holding's book The Impossible Faith affirms that Christianity could not have succeeded without indisputable proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.[8] Holding's book The Impossible Faith originally started out as an essay and can be found on his website.[9] An atheist paid $5,000 to have Richard Carrier write a work which argued against Holding's essay The Impossible Faith.[10] JP Holding states in his essay The Impossible Faith that he:

...put together a comprehensive list of issues that we assert that critics must deal with in explaining why Christianity succeeded where it should have clearly failed or died out as did these others. Merely saying it was "lucky" where Sevi, et al. were not will not be an adequate answer -- and in fact, is the least likely answer of all as we shall see.

Below I offer a list of 17 factors to be considered -- places where Christianity "did the wrong thing" in order to be a successful religion. It is my contention that the only way Christianity did succeed is because it was a truly revealed faith -- and because it had the irrefutable witness of the resurrection.[11]

The Mormon Defenders argues that the case for a Biblical Mormonism is rooted in misinterpretations of the Bible.[12]

Other books authored by Holding include:

Hitler's Christianity examines the religious beliefs of leading figures in the German Nazi regime and responds to claims that they they were Christians. [13]

Scripture and Slavery explains Biblical passages related to slavery and responds to critics who believe that the Bible endorses slavery. [14]

Jesus Was a Mushroom and Other Lies You Won't Believe discusses and responds to various conspiracy theories. [15]

Defining Inerrancy was co-authored with Nick Peters (who at the writing was the son-in-law of Christian apologist Mike Licona), and contains a Foreword by Biblical scholar Craig Blomberg. In this book, Holding explains his view of Biblical inerrancy and stresses the need to contextualize (place in proper context) the writings of the Bible before interpreting them. [16]

Blood Moon Lunacy addressed the claims of popular pastor John Hagee that a series of four "blood moons" (lunar eclipses) signified the coming end of the world. [17]

Christmas is Pagan and Other Myths sets out to debunk claims that Christmas observations are of pagan origins. [18] Holding authored a similar volume regarding Easter. [19]

Articles of JP Holding

Among other things, Mr. Holding's website Tekton Apologetics Ministries offers many articles which defend the doctrine of Bible inerrancy concerning various Bible verses.[20] In addition, JP Holding has written articles for the Christian Research Journal and the Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal.[21]

Holding's articles for Creation Ministries International include studies of Biblical cosmology and literature as well as several book reviews. [22]

Popular videos by JP Holding

JP Holding
JP Holding

Popular videos produced by Holding include:

Elisha and the Two Bears Retooned rebuts atheist claims regarding the alleged cruelty of the Biblical prophet Elisha (2 Kings 2). [23]

The Tale of Jephthah is the most-watched video on the channel and rebuts atheist claims about the Biblical story of Jephthah (Judges 11). [24]

He holds to the belief that Biblical literalism or fundamentalism is a corrupt form of faith born of ignorance. This can be seen in many of his TektonTV videos where "fundies" as he calls them are given the same disdain as atheists. His views on this matter are explained in more detail in Defining Inerrancy.

Holding has written the second most articles of any freelancer for the Christian Research Journal. [25] His articles include:

"Mary Magdalene's Modern Makeover," a look at modern ideas about Mary Magdalene [26]

"The Mesmerizing Misinformation Maelstrom," about the lack of reliability of Internet information sources [27]

"When Apologetics Was Evangelism," a discussion of how the first century church used apologetics to evangelize [28]

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