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The American Anti-Communist Alliance is supposedly a network of de-centralized cells which by its own literature advocates the overthrow, by peaceful means, of the ruling "Obama regime," by a "patriotic, nationalist regime" which will ensure the "liberty, freedom, and democracy" that the "United States of America was founded on."

The American Anti-Communist Alliance claims it is based upon "successful Anti-Communist Alliances which operated in South America (most notably in Argentina and Colombia) during the 1970s."

According to the American Anti-Communist Alliance website,[1] the AAA is composed of three branches: Sprawl, Boston, and Denver. Sprawl is the branch (or cell) which "operates the AAA's national identity," taking care of its website, it's national donations and finance, as well as producing "high-quality paraphernalia and propaganda for distribution."

The AAA says it was founded in late 2009 at a conference in Chicago, where the Denver, Boston and Sprawl branches participated. Together, they supposedly agreed on a Ten Point Programme which would direct the "work of the American Anti-Communist Alliance." The group made a public announcement in May 2010.[2]

According to the groups literature it seeks to infiltrate the Tea Party Movement and claims "We are the most committed segment of the Tea Party Movement"[3] while at the same time claiming differences with it. It refers to Sarah Palin as a "radical anti-communist."