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American Crossroads is a RINO-type Super PAC affiliated with Karl Rove, who tried unsuccessfully in August 2012 to force pro-life leader Todd Akin to withdraw his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Much of the donations to American Crossroads are from wealthy Las Vegas casino owners who are unlikely to agree with key parts of the Republican Party Platform, such as its pro-life provision.

Though American Crossroads spends millions in politics ads, they appear to have little or no positive effect. Perhaps the ads are even designed more to satisfy donors to American Crossroads than to be the most effective political ads possible.

The Obama campaign did whine about American Crossroads in connection with its ad campaign in mid-April against Obama's policies.[1] American Crossroads ran negative ads against Obama in Ohio and Pennsylvania, criticizing Obama's regulations for the global warming hoax.[2] But Obama continued or even widened his leads in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and West Virginia is not even a swing state.