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American Solutions is a non-profit, 527 political action committee described as a tripartisan citizen action network of over 1.5 Million members. Their goal is to create the next generation of solutions that will ensure that the United States remains the safest, freest, and most prosperous country in the world. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich created the organization in 2007. Initially, they were leading the charge of high gas prices with their campaign "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less."

Per their website,

The breakthrough impact of this organization is driven by its powerful approach:

Broad scale engagement of elected officials and candidates of both parties at all levels of government, interested citizens, private sector leaders, reporters, scholars and students. Development of big, breakthrough solutions to the most important issues facing this country, including creating jobs and prosperity, energy independence, protecting workers' rights, reforming education, moving government into the 21st Century and more. A process to educate, ignite collaboration and implement these solutions across all levels of government with widespread support from citizens.

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