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Arizona water is disappearing fast, as the Colorado River dries up amid increasing diversions of water for legal and illegal cannabis cultivation. See cannabis water use.

For example, in 2022 Pinal County farmers "will lose two-thirds of their irrigation water from the Colorado River ... [a]nd within two years, they will be completely cut off from the Colorado River."[1]

In August 2022, the federal government announced that water reduction by the states drawing on the Colorado River has not met quotas, and thus:

the Bureau of Reclamation, the federal government's water manager, ordered last month that Arizona and Nevada, as well as Mexico, make drastic cuts in how much water they use: 21% less for Arizona, 8% less for Nevada and 7% less for Mexico.[2]

Free-Market Solutions

The free market solution is for cannabis, golf courses, and professional sports stadiums to start paying for their luxurious -- arguably wasteful -- use of water. The federal government should stop favoring liberal California with its federal interference in how water is allocated from the dwindling Colorado River. Also, the federal government should let go of the massive amounts of land it controls in Arizona (38.6% of the state),[3] which could be developing reservoirs and other water storage solutions rather than allowing rainfall to be lost.