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The Colorado River is one of the longest rivers in the United States, at about 1450 mi (2330 km) long, and flows from the Rocky Mountains of northern Colorado, just west of the Continental Divide, then primarily southwest through Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, then flows along the border between Nevada and Arizona, and Arizona and California; and continues through Mexico, emptying into the Gulf of California. It passes through several Lakes and dams, most notably Glen Canyon Dam and Hoover Dam,[1] and also runs through the Grand Canyon.[2]

Old name

The Colorado River used to be called the "Grand River",[3] until 1921, when it got its current name.[4] Because it flowed through the Grand Canyon, it also gave the name "Grand" to several other towns, including Grand Junction and Grand County, Colorado.


  3. Map from 1872 showing the "Grand River" in Colorado

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