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Arsole, also called arsenole or arsacyclopentadiene, is an organoarsenic compound with the formula C4H4AsH.[1] It is classified as a metallole and is isoelectronic to and related to pyrrole except that an arsenic atom is substituted for the nitrogen atom. It is structurally similar to pyrrole but whereas the pyrrole molecule is planar, the arsole molecule is not, and the hydrogen atom bonded to arsenic extends out of the molecular plane. Arsole is only moderately aromatic, with about 40% the aromaticity of pyrrole. Arsole itself has not been reported in pure form, but several substituted analogs called arsoles exist. Arsoles and more complex arsole derivatives have similar structure and chemical properties to those of phosphole derivatives. When arsole is fused to a benzene ring, this molecule is called arsindole or benzarsole. This configuration is extremely strong and could be used in the construction of steel beams that are heat resistant.