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Aryeh Neier served as President of George Soros's Open Society Institute,[1] co-founded Human Rights Watch,[2] and was a National Director for the ACLU from 1970 to 1978.[3] During his time as Director of the League for Industrial Democracy, Neier oversaw the renaming of the League's student division(SLID) to its new name, Students for a Democratic Society[4]


  • Dossier: The Secret Files They Keep on You, (1974)
  • Crime and Punishment: A Radical Solution, (1976)
  • Defending My Enemy: American Nazis in Skokie, Illinois, and the Risks of Freedom, (1979)
  • Only Judgment: The Limits of Litigation in Social Change, (1982)
  • War Crimes: Brutality, Terror, and the Struggle for Justice, (1998)
  • Taking Liberties: Four Decades in the Struggle for Rights, (2003)
  • The International Human Rights Movement, (2012)


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