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Xi Jinping is the President of the People's Republic of China, current General Secretary of the Communist Party of China which requires that all their members be atheists.[1] See: China and atheism and Atheism and communism

Razib Khan points out in Discover Magazine, "most secular nations in the world are those of East Asia, in particular what are often termed “Confucian societies.” It is likely therefore that the majority of the world’s atheists are actually East Asian."[2] See: Asian atheism and Global atheism

East Asia contains about 25 percent of the world’s population. China’s population represents 20 percent of the people on earth.[3]

Women are less likely to be atheists according to surveys performed around the world and other data.[4] [5]

In 2016, Atheist Alliance International (AAI) conducted an annually reoccurring atheist census project and found concerning atheism and women:

At the time of writing, the Atheist Census Project recorded that on average worldwide 73.2% of respondents were male. The result is consistent with other research... As such, the focus of many scholarly papers has been on seeking to explain this persistent observation."[6]

China, atheism and Asian males

See also: China and atheism

China has the largest atheist population in the world.[7]

China has the world's largest atheist population and practices state atheism.[8][9] According to a 2012 Worldwide Independent Network/Gallup International Association (WIN/GIA) poll, 47% of Chinese people were convinced atheists, and a further 30% were not religious. In comparison, only 14% considered themselves to be religious.[10]

Chinese Communist Party and Chinese males

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In 1955, Chinese Communist leader Zhou Enlai declared, "We Communists are atheists".[11] In 2014, the Communist Party of China reaffirmed that members of their party must be atheists.[12] See also: Atheism and communism and China and atheism

In 2016, the International Business Times reported:

A senior Chinese advisor on religious affairs has said the country should promote atheism throughout society, in remarks that appear to reflect a deepening campaign to reinforce traditional Marxist values in China — and could add to concern about official attitudes among believers in the country’s five officially recognized religions.[13]

In 2014, the New American website indicated:

The Communist Party of China (CPC) is letting its members know that the party’s official adherence to militant atheism has not changed; Party members are not allowed to be Christians, or to hold any other religious beliefs. That is the clear message sent by a top Party official in an editorial published on November 14 in the Global Times, the international version of People’s Daily, the official newspaper and mouthpiece of the CPC.[14]

According to the BBC:

At the end of the Chinese Communist Party's 19th Congress, the new Politburo Standing Committee was revealed: seven middle aged men in dark suits, without a woman to be seen. There has never been a female member of the Standing Committee.

Of the 2,280 delegates at that Congress, fewer than a quarter were women.

That's got some people asking whether the party should take gender equality more seriously. The New York Times wrote of women being "shut out" - but does the Chinese Communist Party have a woman problem?

Of the 89.4 million members of the Chinese Communist Party, just under 23 million are women - that's 26%.

And women make up 24% of China's National Congress - the sprawling national parliament. You don't have to be a Communist Party member to sit on that.[15]

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