Atheism and anti-semitism

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Joseph Stalin's secretary Boris Bazhanov declared that Stalin made anti-Semitic outbursts.[1][2]

Atheism is part of Communist ideology (see: Atheism and communism).

G. Murphy Donovan wrote:

National Socialism and Soviet Communism shared anti-Semitic roots. And now, at the start of a new century, anti-Semitism is again the legit motif of yet another "ism" -- Islamism. Indeed, the convergence of the secular left and the Islamic right is one of the great ciphers of the new millennium -- a merger where ecumenicism and suicide pacts are interchangeable.[3]

In the 20th century, the atheistic Soviet Union persecuted Soviet Jews (See also: Communism and religious persecution and Atheism and communism).

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Madalyn Murray O'Hair and anti-Semitism:



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