Attacks on Atheist Bloggers in Bangladesh

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A number of atheist and secularist bloggers were murdered or seriously injured by Islamic militants in Bangladesh as of early 2013. Notable incidents included the attacks of Ahmed Rajib Haider (murdered),[1] Asif Mohiuddin (survived),[2] Sunnyur Rahaman (survived),[3] Shafiul Islam (murdered),[4] Avijit Roy (murdered),[5] Oyasiqur Rhaman (murdured),[6] Ananta Bijoy Das (murdured),[7] Niloy Chatterjee (murdured),[8] Faisal Arefin Dipan (murdured), Ranadeep Basu, Tareque Rahim,[9] Nazimuddin Samad (murdered),[10] and Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury (murdured).[11] Many of the bloggers were active in the Shahbag movement, which demanded the death penalty for war criminal Abdul Quader Molla.