Avengers: Infinity War

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Avengers: Infinity War
Directed by Anthony Russo
Joe Russo
Produced by Kevin Fiege
Written by Stan Lee
Jack Kirby (original)
Christopher Markus
Stephen McFeely
Starring Chris Evans
Robert Downey Jr.
Chris Hemsworth
Mark Ruffalo
Josh Brolin
Chris Pratt
Zoe Saldona
Dave Bautista
Vin Diesel
Bradley Cooper
Paul Bettany
Chadewick Boseman
Tom Holland
Elizabeth Olsen
Don Cheadle
Anthony Mackie
Benedict Cumberbatch
Scarlett Johansson
Dani Guirra
Tom Hiddleston
Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures
Marvel Studios
Release date(s) April 27, 2018
Running time 160 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Preceded by Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
Followed by Avengers: Infinity War - Part 2 (2019)

Avengers: Infinity War is a 2018 ensemble superhero film, the sequel to 2012's Marvel's The Avengers and 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron, as well as a direct follow-up to several previous Marvel Comics films including Thor: Ragnarok (2017) and Black Panther (2018). With a budget of $300-$400 million, it is one of the most expensive films ever made.[1]

An untitled sequel, which is expected to be a direct follow-up to the events of the film, is currently scheduled for release on May 3, 2019.




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