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Babylon (2022) is a big-budget Hollywood movie released on December 23rd as part of the Christmas season. The movie is filled with sickening scenes of depravity, supposedly depicting Hollywood parties in the 1920s but the historical accuracy of the debauchery is disputed even by Hollywood's own media.[1]

Reviewers and the Rotten Tomatoes website have panned this movie, despite its star-studded cast that includes Brad Pitt. The liberal describes this movie as "bad orgy of Hollywood nothingness," which "proves the theory that you can have too much decadence on display."[2]

As reported by Variety, this Hollywood values' movie:[3]

bombed with $3.5 million from 3,343 venues over the weekend and an estimated $5.3 million through Monday. The film’s especially terrible start, as well as its “C+” CinemaScore from audiences

In fact, Babylon fared even worse than its updated forecast. It flamed out "at the domestic box office this past weekend with an awful $4.85M four-day start, lower than its anticipated $5.3M outlook on Monday morning."[4] This film about depraved Hollywood values could easily lose $100 million.

This film is even considered inaccurate historically, and has been additionally criticized for not being grounded in research.[5]