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Baidu Baike is a Chinese alternative to the Chinese language Wikipedia.


Baidu Baike is run in conjunction with the Chinese search engine Baidu. Both Baidu and Baidu Baike are heavily censored in compliance with the communist government of mainland China.[1]

Baidu Baike and Wikipedia

It has been pointed out that the Chinese Wikipedia appears to be censored when it comes to articles on controversial, political subjects like Mao Zedong, which played down the millions of deaths he was responsible for. This behavior was tracked down to Chinese editors who engage in self-censorship. This form of censorship has its roots for example in the Chinese education system, which presents a whitewashed view of such topics.[2]

However, aside from editors censoring themselves, Wikipedia itself did and does not engage in or encourage self-censorship, something Reporters without Borders praised the site for. The refusal of censoring itself has resulted in history of blocking and unblocking of Wikipedia by the Chinese government.[3][4] This blocking behavior, along with the different content and editing policies, led to Baidu Baike's article count surpassing that of the Chinese Wikipedia within weeks after launch.


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