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Battle Ready is a religious television series produced by and aired on the Eternal Word Television Network.

Hosted by Doug Barry, this series explains how the Sacraments and other spiritual tools given by God (e.g. putting on the Armor of God[1]) can be used by the show's audience and the faithful to prepare for spiritual battle against the forces of darkness led by Satan. Barry, a devout Catholic, travels around to deliver his messages on how to prepare bodies and minds for the continuing battle for souls.

In addition to Battle Ready, Barry also has a YouTube channel which contains clips from episodes of the show as well as original videos in which he comments on current events and offers criticism against those engaged in actions contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church and Christianity as a whole (such as those who support the Democrat Party, known for its support of the homosexual agenda, abortion and the criminal actions of hate groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter) and praise to Christians of all denominations who stand true to their principles and stand up to religious persecution and other evil, anti-social and ungodly practices by corrupt public officials.


  1. From Ephesians 6:10-20, mentioned in the episode "The Sword and the Shield"

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