Bedtime Stories

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Bedtime Stories
Directed by Adam Shankman
Produced by Adam Sandler
Andrew Gunn
Jack Giarraputo
Written by Matt Lopez
Tim Herlihy
Narrated by Jonathan Pryce
Starring Adam Sandler
Keri Russell
Guy Pearce
Russell Brand
Music by Rupert Gregson-Williams
Cinematography Michael Barrett
Editing by Tom Costain
Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures
Release date(s) 2008
Running time 99 min.
Country USA
Language English
Budget $80 million
Gross revenue $212.9 million

Bedtime Stories is 2008 comedy/fantasy film starring Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler plays Skeeter Bronson, who works as a hotel handyman at a hotel which was previously owned by his father. During the movie he competes for ownership of the hotel. While doing this is he also taking care of his niece and nephew, after his sister Wendy (Courtney Cox) is out of town. Wendy is a liberal who is raising her two kids with liberal parenting skills, such as serving them vegan deserts instead of sweets (she served them gluten-free wheatgrass cake), banning sugar (calling them chemical-filled crud), not letting Skeeter take the kids fishing, play a friendly game of poker, and instead likes the idea of him taking the kids to the park to look at plants.[1] Later when the kids want a bedtime story, Skeeter looks at the one's his sister has and sees they are basically environmental stories ("Rainbow Alligator Saves the Wetlands" and "The Organic Squirrel Gets a Bike Helmet"), and responds saying "I'm not reading these communist books to you guys". Skeeter then makes up bedtime stories to read to them, which are more conservative and are about chivalry, courage and heroism.