Bible Homework Two Answers - Student Five

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1. What is your favorite book of the Bible? Why?

My personal favorite book is Genesis. In my opinion it is also the most important book as it accurately details the Creation. Without Genesis we would have no idea of our origins and would struggle to understand our history.

Good explanation - 10 points

2. List all books contained in the Torah. Who are they traditionally considered to have been written by?

Moses is considered to have authored the books of the Torah, those being: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

Correct (quick grammatical note though - you should have a comma after "Numbers" in your list.) 10 points

3. Why do you think the Bible is translated? Why don't we just keep it in the original Hebrew and Greek?

Languages have developed significantly as Christianity has spread. Even the original Hebrew and Greek languages have changed a lot from when the original texts were written. To bring the Biblical message in its purest form to the largest audiences, it is essential to keep it pure, accurate, concise and understandable by everyone around the world.

Interesting analysis - 10 points

4. Can a citizen of Greece today understand the original New Testament? Why or why not?

I would think that a modern Greek would struggle to understand the original NT texts, as the language has changed a lot since then. He may be able to grasp the basics, but I think a lot of the deeper meaning would be lost.

Good, but you should have mentioned the specific term used in the lecture in regards to this ("Koine" Greek). Minus 1. 9 points

5. How is the process used in translating the Conservapedia Bible different from the process used for other translations? How do you think this improves the final product?

My understanding of the CBP is that is a collaborative effort consisting of a great many members of the public, all contributing openly. Traditional translations are done behind closed doors, and often by groups with strong agendas and biases. The CPB ensures that the true message of the Bible is enhanced without any distortion.

Good, but I think you could have gone into some more detail in your explanation. Minus 1. 9 points.

Total: 48/50 - excellent!