Bible Homework Two Answers - Student Two

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1. What is your favorite book of the Bible? Why?

My favorite book of the Bible is Genesis. Everything that comes after makes sense only in the light of what happens in the Garden of Eden. Genesis tells us much about who God is. We learn from the account of the flood, for instance, that God is both just and merciful.

Good answer - full 10 points! (By the way, Genesis is one of my favorites, too.)

2. List all books contained in the Torah. Who are they traditionally considered to have been written by?

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. Tradition ascribes authorship to Moses.

Correct - 10 points

3. Why do you think the Bible is translated? Why don't we just keep it in the original Hebrew and Greek?

The Bible is translated from its original languages because most people today could not read it at all unless it were available in English. In the past, people were better educated and perhaps more intelligent than they are now, when very few people are able to read Hebrew or Greek.

Good, but remember that many people in the world don't speak English, so the Bible must also be translated into other languages. Minus 1 for that - 9 points total.

4. Can a citizen of Greece today understand the original New Testament? Why or why not?

A literate modern Greek can understand much of the original New Testament because while the Greek language has changed over the centuries, ancient forms of the language are still largely intelligible to a modern reader. Nearly all of the vocabulary is completely comprehensible while the grammar is similar, though not exactly the same.

Good analysis, although I don't think I agree with the conclusion that a modern Greek would understand "much" of the original - I think "some" would probably be a better answer. Minus 1 - 9 points.

5. How is the process used in translating the Conservapedia Bible different from the process used for other translations? How do you think this improves the final product?

Thanks to the technology of the wiki, the CB is done openly and transparently by the Best of the Public. Earlier translations have been done by closed panels of experts who have not always been candid about their biases or welcomed scrutiny of their work. Translation on wiki also allows the work to be completed much more quickly. Excellent - will use as model answer!

Total: 48/50 - great start!

EXTRA CREDIT: Translate at least 5 verses for the Conservapedia Bible Translation project.