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Typically right before Christmas, I give my Sunday school student a Bible quiz so they can see how much they've learned. I want to share this year's test with fellow Conservapedians. How well can you do? Please post your answers on the talk page - I will reveal the correct answers in a few days, and will also let you know how the Sunday school students did. --TeacherEd 18:36, 22 December 2010 (EST)

1. How many books are there in the Torah?

a. 3

b. 4

c. 5

d. 6

2. Which of these is NOT a Gospel?

a. Matthew

b. Mark

c. Paul

d. John

3. The Ten Commandments are first listed in which book?

a. Genesis

b. Exodus

c. Leviticus

d. Deuteronomy

4. When God refers to himself in the plural in the Old Testament, this is because...

a. There are multiple gods

b. God consists of the Holy Trinity

c. The Old Testament God is pompous and likes to refer to himself in the plural

d. The plural references are simply translation mistakes

5. The book of Acts is believed to thave been written by whom?

a. Mark

b. Luke

c. Andrew

d. Paul

6. Which of these is the earliest Biblical translation?

a. Vulgate

b. Septuagint

c. King James Version

d. English Standard Version

7. What languages is the original Bible written in?

a. Hebrew and Greek

b. Hebrew and Latin

c. Greek and Latin

d. Latin and Aramaic

8. What is the best way to achieve an accurate Biblical translation?

a. Ask a group of liberal professors to do it

b. Have a collaborative an open process to which the best of the public can contribute

c. Try to do the translation all by yourself

d. Whatever the method, make sure to use politically correct language in the translation

9. Which of these was almost certainly not part of the original scriptures?

a. The story of Noah and the ark

b. The miracle of the loaves and fishes

c. The story of the adulteress

10. Which of these adjectives can be applied to the Bible?

a. mythical

b. logical

c. contradictory

d. obsolete

11. Which of these is NOT one of the so-called synoptic Gospels?

a. Matthew

b. Mark

c. Luke

d. John

12. The title of each of the Pauline epistles refers to?

a. One of the Ten Commandments

b. An Israeli city

c. The Church or person the letter is addressed to

d. The location from which Paul was writing the letter

13. Which of the following is often downplayed in liberal Bible translations?

a. The flood

b. Hell

c. The crucifixion

d. The Ten Commandments

14. One of the astounding things about the Bible is that it contains...

a. the history of Israel

b. religious doctrine

c. scientific foreknowledge

d. illustrated pictures

15. How do you think a feminist translation of the Bible would refer to Mary in Matthew 1:18?

a. with child

b. pregnant

c. with the unborn Jesus

d. in the second trimester

16. Most Americans can't list all Ten Commandments, likely because...

a. They have poor memory

b. They are atheist

c. The commandments are not allowed to be posted in public schools

d. The commandments have never been translated into English

17. Which of the following was NOT a Biblical king of Israel?

a. David

b. Solomon

c. Asa

d. Omri

18. At different points in history, the people of Israel were held captive by which of these civilizations?

a. Egypt

b. Babylon

c. Saudi Arabia

d. a & b

19. When the Kingdom of Israel split, what was one of the resulting kingdoms called?

a. Chaldea

b. Palestine

c. Judah

d. Jordan

20. Approximately in what time period did King David live?

a. 0 AD

b. 100 BC

c. 1000 BC

d. 2000 BC

21. The actual "writing on the wall" in the book of Daniel literally referred to what?

a. measures of currency

b. Babylonian cities

c. The wrath of God

d. The Ten Commandments

22. Who was Gideon?

a. A King of Israel

b. a Judge of Israel

c. An apostle

d. A Roman administrator

23. Based on a literal Biblical analysis of genealogies, the creation of the world took place approximately when?

a. 5000 BC

b. 4000 BC

c. 3000 BC

d. 13 billion years ago

24. What is the proper title of the last book in the Bible?

a. Apocalypse

b. Revelation

c. Revelations

d. Rapture

25. Which major prophet predicts the coming of Jesus, particularly in passages referring to a "Suffering Servant"?

a. Jeremiah

b. Malachi

c. Isaiah

d. Ezekiel