Billy Idol

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Billy Idol

William Michael Albert Broad, better known by his stage name Billy Idol (born November 30, 1955), is an English rock musician. Broad had his first success when he was in the band Generation X in 1976, then embarked on a successful solo career. He was one of the pioneers of punk rock, and was one of the first MTV stars. He is known for famous singles such as "White Wedding".

Early life

Idol was born in Middlesex, England to Bill and Joan Broad. When he was two, his family relocated to Long Island, New York for success. They had another child, named Jane. Four years later, the family moved back England in Dorking. They lived there until 1963, when their home in Goring, Sussex was built. He was a bright student in school, but he was often bored. A teacher wrote "Billy is idle" on one of his assignments, and that stuck with him and inspired his stage name.[1]


Idol first joined the punk rock band Siouxsie and the Banshees in 1976. He soon quit and joined Chelsea as a guitarist. Soon thereafter, Idol and a Chelsea bandmate Tony James left and cofounded Generation X. In this band, Idol went from guitarist to lead singer.


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