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The Bing logo

Bing is the latest generation search engine developed by Microsoft. Branded as a 'decision engine', Bing claims to find and organize search results faster, and with fewer clicks, so that one can make better decisions. It is Microsoft's third generation service to compete head-to-head with search giant Google, which has a market share of more than 75 percent. Microsoft's previous search engines are MSN Search and It uses the same minimalist homepage like Google but with a single, daily, hi-resolution graphic. Bing promotes shopping with cashback and claims to offer cheaper airfares and a commitment to comprehensive health results. Bing further provides a large collection of images, videos and the Bing xRank, a tool for top searched for keywords. Microsoft is promoting Bing with a $100 million TV and print ad campaign.[1] Beside market share for search results, Microsoft hopes to capitalize on increased paid keyword placement, Google's main source of income.

The newest version of Bing features a ChatGPT-like AI that can intelligently summarize and write answers. The feature is codenamed "Sydney".

Content partners

Microsoft is intent on chipping away at Google's dominance. They are increasingly looking for exclusive relationships. Bing and Yahoo!, for instance, have partnered to combine their industry ranks as leaders in the search engine market. Bing and Yahoo! are both one and the same, as Microsoft opted to incorporate Bing's search algorithm into both Bing and Yahoo!, so the two search engines are essentially, or will be soon, identical aside from their name.[2][3][4][5]

Facebook integration by Microsoft has been a priority since 2006. Microsoft has invested $240 million in Facebook in exchange for a 1.6 percent stake.[6]

News Corp, like the entire news industry, despises Google for "profiteering off the content news outlets create."[7] News Corporation and Microsoft have been in talks to have Fox News content be exclusive to Bing.

Bing incorporates the daily homepage picture from Wikipedia. This choosing of sides between Microsoft and Google may eventually cost Wikipedia valuable page ranking for its content at Google.

While Wikipedia entries usually appear within an hour or two on Bing, articles posted on Conservapedia usually are not seen on Bing for several months, if then. Google usually brings up Conservapedia articles with a week or ten days of their posting but within minutes shows new Wikipedia articles.

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