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Bob Turner is the Congressman from New York's 9th congressional district. He defeated Democrat David Weprin, a New York assemblyman, in a special election on September 13, 2011, succeeding Anthony Weiner, who had resigned in June. Turner was sworn into office on September 15, 2011. He did not seek re-election and unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for US Senate from New York.


Turner was born in Queens. He has 5 children with his wife, Peggy, to whom he has been married since 1965.

2011 special election

The seat was last represented by a Republican in 1923,[1] often being held by liberal Democrats, including Chuck Schumer and Geraldine Ferraro.

The district lies in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, a diverse area that normally votes heavily democratic. Many see Turner's election as a rebuke of President Barack Obama's agenda.[2]

Turner is a retired media executive, who first ran for the seat in 2010, gaining 41% of the vote in that race.[3] He has drawn inspiration from the Tea Party movement and has been called "Tea Party Turner" by Democrats.[4]

He announced his 2011 Special Election campaign in Forest Hills on July 11, 2011.[5] He gained early momentum, when former New York City Mayor Ed Koch endorsed him on July 25, 2011.[6] In August, polls showed he was six points behind.[7] Strong efforts by the Turner campaign, crucial endorsements from Jewish Leaders wanting to send Obama a message on his poor handling of relations with Israel[8] and gaffes[9] by an opponent who lived outside the district,[10] allowed Turner to gain momentum and by the weekend before the election, polls showed him in the lead.[11]

Bob Turner won in an 8-point landslide, surprising even what the polls predicted.


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