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Broadus Mitchell was a well-known socialist[1] who ran for Governor of Maryland in 1934 as the candidate of the Socialist Party,[2] U.S. supporter of the Comintern.[3]

Mitchell was also a professor of Economics at Johns Hopkins University, where one of his more notable students was Alger Hiss, who recalled Mitchell as one of his favorite instructors.[4] According to Hiss, Mitchell was simply a "gifted" economics professor who happened to hold some "mildly Socialistic" views.[5] In fact Mitchell distinguished socialism from communism only in "strategy and procedure," not "essential theory."[6]

After student Sidney Offit wrote an editorial in the Johns Hopkins campus newspaper defending Hiss and Owen Lattimore, castigating students who merely "applauded daintily" for the latter, rather than taking to the streets, Mitchell, wrote Offit, "adopted me as his radical protégé-in-waiting."[7] Later serving as a Reserve Officer in Army Intelligence at a time when Communist couriers were infiltrating the US Merchant Marines,[8] Offit wrote, "it was my job to interview prospective crewmen for merchant marine ships to be sure no advocates of Karl Marx were allowed aboard. Somehow or other I always found a reason to pass on these workingmen regardless of their flirtations with the 'forceful overthrow of the United States government.'"[9]


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