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Bugs Bunny (High Diving Hare).jpg
Bugs Bunny one-man-band

Bugs Bunny is a cartoon character, anthropomorphic-rabbit character created by Warner Bros. studios in 1940. While his physical humor appealed to children, his rapid-fire wisecracks exemplified the indomitable confidence and exuberance of WWII-era America. He has been one of the leading cartoon characters in short film history.

He actually got his own star in Hollywood. He is probably most famous for his quote, "Eh, what's up, Doc?"

Bugs Bunny confronted a number of antagonists in his career, including Yosemite Sam, Marvin the Martian, Sylvester the cat, Wile E. Coyote, Daffy Duck, and most famously, Elmer Fudd.