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Calvin Robinson
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Born 29 October 1985
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England
Occupation Activist
Political commentator
Religion Anglican

Calvin John Robinson (b. 1985), a native of Nottinghamshire, is a British deacon, conservative commentator, writer and broadcaster. He is a contributor to the right-libertarian publication Spiked, as well as The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and First Things. He is also a host on right-leaning UK television channel GB News.

Robinson takes strongly conservative positions overall, being pro-life and a passionate supporter of traditional marriage.[1]

Early life

Calvin John Robinson was born in Mansfield, a large, working-class market town in Nottinghamshire, England, in 1985. His paternal grandparents emigrated to the United Kingdom from Jamaica as part of the Windrush generation after World War II. His mother is of British origin.

He has a degree in computer games design and programming from the University of Westminster.


Robinson is pro-life. Responding to a controversy over an illegal late-term abortion in Stoke-on-Trent in June 2023, Robinson argued that "the line" on abortion should be drawn "at conception".[2]

Discussing the matter of same-sex "marriage" in November 2022, Robinson argued that marriage "needs a bride and a groom" and would otherwise not be holy matrimony.[1]