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Cambridge University Press (CUP) is a major British publisher of scholarly and academic books, as well as dictionaries and reference works. It is the oldest printer and publisher in the world and one of the largest academic publishers globally.

The Press was given a Royal Charter by King Henry VIII in 1534, and is one of the two "privileged presses, along with Oxford University Press.

It published its first book in 1584, making it the longest-established printing house in the world. It is both an academic publishing house, and the printer for official documents for the University of Cambridge.

CUP authors have included John Milton, William Harvey, Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking. It currently produces around 200 journals and 2000 books per year.

CUP publishes three hundred scholarly academic journals online. Subscriptions are through libraries, which provide passwords to authorized users. 469,616 articles from 299 journals are online in 2009.

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