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Camelot was an idealized, figurative wonderland in chivalrous England during the Middle Ages. It embodies ideals of Western Civilization, such as loyalty, honor, sportsmanship, and protection of the weak. Camelot highlights many of the virtues that led to prosperity and freedom in Europe and the United States, including rights of private property, the organization of society based on the family unit, fairness to all, and the development of masculinity.

It is often used by the lamestream media and liberals to idolize the presidency of John F. Kennedy and the First Lady, Jacqueline.

Hollywood injected Hollywood values into the story for its movie about Camelot in 1967, which won only 3 minor Oscars, despite enormous publicity about the film. The movie contains several memorable scenes, however, most notably the sportsmanship displayed by Lancelot in a joust.