Cannabis ballot 2022

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Cannabis initiatives on the ballot in 2022 are in five, and possibly six, states in November:[1]

  • Arkansas - defeated by voters 44%-56% as ballot Issue 4,[2] a proposed constitutional amendment opposed by conservatives[3]
  • Maryland - passed by 73%-27%[4] in this liberal Eastern state that Biden won by 65%-32%.
  • Missouri - passed narrowly by 53%-47% after Big Weed spent $6 million to put the issue on the ballot, and many millions more were spent to pass it over opposition by diverse groups.[5]
  • North Dakota - defeated by voters, 45%-55%[6]
  • Oklahoma - Question 820 to legalize recreational marijuana was defeated on March 7, 2023, by 38%-62%.[7]
  • South Dakota - defeated by voters, 47%-53%[8]

Several other states in the Midwest, such as Wisconsin, also ban recreational marijuana, while liberal states like Illinois allow it. Nationwide, 13 states entirely ban cannabis.[9]

Cannabis wastes immense amounts of scare water, while causing widespread harm. Millions of dollars are spent by marijuana businesses to try to pass these ballot initiatives despite the harm they cause.