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For the Latin phrase, see carpe diem


Country India
Style Christian Progressive Melodic Metal
Christian Rock
Year 2012

Carpe'diem is a committed Christian Progressive Melodic Metal band from Allahabad, India. The band aims to make difference through music. Along with Progressive Melodic Metal as the primary genre the band also blends hues of alternative progressive rock and neoclassical metal. The band evolved when friends got together in beginning of the year 2012 to jam and write songs. Their name came about because they wanted to make a statement: to let the youth look beyond what they see in society today. Corruption, Politicizing in churches, and racism have all taken a toll on the minds of youth. Carpe'diem wants the youth to be able to counter these negative influences by focusing on their God’s given purpose in life. Carpe'diem is formed by university students that believes in and follows the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Stanley Thomas - Lead Vocals

Stephen George Emmanuel - Lead Guitars

Nitin Anthony Luther - Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals

Chezmush Marak - Bass Gutar/Backing Vocals

Samuel Roy - Drums

Baggio Marak - Keyboards/Backing Vocals

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