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Christian Metal is a name for bands whose genre is Metal music, but their lyrics are spiritual. Christian Metal is not at all satanic, anti-Christian, and doesn't promote suicide or violence,[1][2][3][4] but preaches the gospel.[5] Christian Metal bands are often straight forward and Christian in their lyrics, but they sometimes use metaphors to make their lyrics sound dark, especially in the Xtreme Metal genres, although they usually are Christian.[6][7]


Christian Metal began in the 1970s during the Jesus Movement, as Hard Rock and Metal was created first. Popular Christian Metal Bands in the 1970s are:

  • Resurrection Band (Hard Rock)
  • Jerusalem (Metal)

In the 1980s, Stryper became the first Christian Glam Metal Band, and helped Christian Metal Gain Popularity. In the 1990s, Christian Metal lost popularity, as other styles of Christian Music such as Christian Hip Hop/Rap, and Christian Grunge became popular. In the 2000s, Christian Metal made a comeback into Christian Music, and Stryper was in live performances for the first time in 10 years. Many bands gained popularity, some of them having started in the 1990s. They are:

  • Kutless (Hard Rock)
  • Skillet (Hard Rock) started in the 1990s
  • Demon Hunter (Metalcore) started in the 1990s
  • Narnia (Power Metal) started in the 1990s
  • Rob Rock (Power Metal)
  • Divinefire (Power Metal)
  • Extol (Black Metal)

In 2005, Stryper came out with their new album: Reborn. In that album, Stryper changed their sound, so they can make a comeback into Christian Music.


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