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Kutless is a Christian Hard Rock/Christian Alternative Rock Band from Portland Oregon.


Kutless started as a Worship band under the name, "Call Box". Original members include lead singer Jon Micah Sumrall, guitarist James Mead, and drummer Kyle Mitchell. In 2001, They Changed their name to Kutless, and in 2002, they came out with their debut, self-titled album. That year, Kutless became the "Best selling new artist of 2002".[1] In 2004, they came out with the album "Sea of Faces". In 2005, they came out with their Worship album, "Strong Tower". In 2007, Kutless went back to their old sound in the album, "Hearts of the Innocent". In 2008, they came out with the album, "To Know That You're Alive". 2009 saw the release of "It is Well", followed in 2010 by "The Beginning: A Kutless Anthology" It has been noted that their albums tend to alternate between worship and hard rock genres.[2]



  • "Your Touch"
  • "Run"
  • "Tonight"
  • "Pride Away"[3]
  • "Treason"
  • "Sea of Faces"
  • "Passion"[4]
  • "Not What You See"
  • "It's Like Me"
  • "Strong Tower"
  • "Draw Me Close"
  • "Shut Me Out"
  • "Somewhere in the Sky"
  • "Winds of Change"
  • "Promise of a Lifetime"
  • "The Feeling"
  • "Complete"



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