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Would it be reasonable to make 3 sub categories? You've got Old Testament, New Testament, and Apocrypha? Just start it now when the work is minimal rather than later when you have to reclassify them all. --Mtur 17:00, 22 March 2007 (EDT)

*shrug* Guidelines/standard-operating-practice isn't clear on this yet... I've been hesitant to break things out into more detailed categories until it's clear that there's enough articles to fill them. This is a list of all categories here, as you can see, there's very few so far.
On the other hand, you're right, if we know what the right category is now, why not just put them there, rather than making more work for ourselves to reclassify them later...? --Interiot 17:25, 22 March 2007 (EDT)