Charles Martel

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Charles Martel

Mayor of the Palace
In office
719 – October 22, 741
Preceded by Pepin of Herstal
Succeeded by Pepin the Short

Born August 23, 676 - c. 690
Died October 22, 741
Quierzy, France

Charles Martel (which means Charles the Hammer) lived from AD 686 to 741 and was the son of Pepin II.

Martel was the Frankish Mayor of the Palace (AD 719 to 741). Martel was the grandfather of Charlemagne, and crushed the Muslim armies in the Battle of Tours in 732 from which he received his nickname 'The Hammer'. The victory over the Islamic invaders was a crucial point in turning back Islam from overrunning Europe.

His policies are credited with the rise of Frankish (French) preeminence in northern Europe, culminating with the coronation of Charlemagne by the Pope in 800 A.D.[1]

Steuben Bataille de Poitiers.png

Bataille de Poitiers, 1834 - 1837 by Charles de Steuben.


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