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Chrissy Teigen (born November 30, 1985) is an American celebrity and model. She is politically and socially liberal and is known for her hatred of conservatives and President Donald Trump. She is the wife of The Voice star and singer John Legend. Her reported net worth is about $75 million.


  • Teigen once posted a social media story about how she claimed to have felt ripped off for spending $13,000 on a bottle of wine.[1]
  • After conservatives confronted her on her old tweets about her pedophiles desires, she decided to delete her Twitter account.[2] She was said to have flown with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on his private jet.[3]
  • After Teigen was called out for multiple vile tweets she posted where she childishly and hatefully told numerous women (including Sarah Palin, model Courtney Stodden and actress Lindsay Lohan) to "kill themselves", department store chain Target responded by removing Teigen's cookware line from its website,[4] joined later by high-end department store chain Macy's,[5] then by Bloomingdale's.[6]

Pedophile Tweets

  • seeing little girls do splits half naked is just.... i want put myself in jail. in 2011.[7]
  • I am about to Anthony Weiner this kid. in 2014.[8]