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Christian Coalition

The Christian Coalition is a religiously motivated conservative group founded in 1989 "as a means towards helping to give Christians a voice in their government again," which claims to "represent a growing group of over 2 million people of faith all across America."[1] The Coalition is perhaps most famous for the voters guides that they give out to churches that can be picked up by their members which show the positions that candidates take on issues that have meaning within the Christian community.

Pat Robertson founded the organization after his unsuccessful bid to win the Republican nomination for President. He appointed Ralph Reed as its executive director until 1997, when Reed left to start his own political consulting business in Atlanta and eventually mount an unsuccessful campaign for lieutenant governor there in 2006.

The Christian Coalition took credit for the Republican landslide victories in the 1994 congressional elections, during the zenith of the organization's influence. In 1996 it backed Robert Dole for the Republican nomination. Pat Robertson stepped down at the end of 2000 leaving Roberta Combs in charge.

In 2006, the Alabama chapter of Christian Coalition separated from it, declaring that "the national group has been moving to the left ever since a 2003 campaign by the national group opposed the statewide organization on the issue of a tax increase."[2]

An independent group also associated with Pat Robertson, the American Center for Law and Justice, pursues litigation in court on matters of interest to many members of Christian Coalition.

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