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This article is about the name that was traditionally given to the queen of Ancient Egypt. For information about the infamous seventh and final Cleopatra, see Cleopatra VII and Cleopatra (film).

Cleopatra was the name of seven Egyptian queens of Greek decent who ruled between 193-30 B.C. during the Ptolemaic Dynasty. The most famous of them was Cleopatra VII Philopator, who had marriages with both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony of Rome; she was one of Egypt's last independent rulers.

Cleopatras of the Ptolemaic Dynasty
Pharaoh Details Dates
Cleopatra I Wife of Ptolemy V, co-regent with Ptolemy VI during his minority 193-176 BC
Cleopatra II Wife of Ptolemy VI 173-164
Cleopatra II Married Ptolemy VIII; led revolt against her husband in 131 BC; became sole ruler of Egypt. 163-127 BC
Cleopatra III Second wife of Ptolemy VIII 142-131 BC
Cleopatra III Second rule; restored with Ptolemy VIII; later co-regent with Ptolemy IX and X. 127-107 BC
Cleopatra II Reconciled with Ptolemy VIII; co-ruled with Cleopatra III and Ptolemy until 116. 124-116
Cleopatra IV Shortly married to Ptolemy IX, removed by Cleopatra III 116-115 BC
Cleopatra V Tryphaena Wife of Ptolemy XII, mother of Berenice IV  ?-57 BC
Cleopatra VI Daughter of Ptolemy XII  ?-58 BC
Cleopatra VII Philopator The Cleopatra of legend; last ruler of Egypt before Roman conquest 51-30