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The work of artist
Piotr Mlodozeniec

Coexist exhibition is a project of the Museum on the Seam located in Jerusalem. Their website states "Exhibition Coexistence brings the universal message of diversity and acceptance of the other to the world community." The exhibition has visited 24 cities around the globe. Over thirty artists display their works including Yoko Ono.


The exhibition's logo spelled out COEXIST using Islamic, Jewish and Christian symbols: the crescent, Star of David, and Christian cross.

Message Co-opted by Liberals

Whenever diversity is a topic, leftists are likely to be involved. The original work of Piotr Mlodozeniec has been changed, most likely by liberals, to reflect what are supposed to be the new realities of the day. The liberal COEXIST image adds the following to Islam, Judaism and Christianity symbols: Peace sign, Gender, Wicca and Taoism. This emblem is commonly used as a bumper sticker.

The liberal version.

Message Co-opted by the Pro-life Movement

Liberals spread the co-exist mindset through T-shirts, bumper stickers, online, etc. Conservatives of the Pro-life movement march with the same message yet with a more powerful image.

The Message

Coexistence, diversity, and tolerance, are praiseworthy messages. The Jews and Christians are tolerant people; however, they do not tolerate evil, nor should they. As Martin Luther King stated, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." We should not coexist with evil but fight as commanded by God. The hypocrisy of this message is that a certain contingent of Muslims refuses to coexist with other religions. Islam refuses to recognize those that do not adhere to Mohammed. Also, Muslims put to death those people who convert from Islam and believe those who are non-believers are only good enough to be slaves of Muslims.

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