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College admissions is an sometimes arduous process that can greatly affect the future of a student. This process be the beginning of a path towards career opportunities. The ability of a student to obtain a scholarship of financial assistance can affect his level of debt for years beyond the conclusion of his education.

Different colleges use different application processes, with different deadlines and requirements. Some colleges are more friendly to homeschool applicants than others. Some colleges seek the best applicants, while others try to fill vacancies in their departments. Some colleges give an advantage to applicants who apply early.

Most colleges look at only the highest SAT scores in each exam, and will mix and match to pull out the highest scores on the SAT I.

Admission Rates

Admission rates have steadily declined at top schools, due to a variety of factors including immigration and enrollment by foreign students on visas. Harvard University has long had the lowest admission rate, and it fell to only 3.19% in 2021.[1] Many top colleges have admission rates below 10% now.

In merely the last 15 years, mid-level colleges such as Boston University have seen their admission rates drop from 54% to only 14%.[1]