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Conscience is the human sense of what is right and wrong.[1]

  • In her empirical study of the development of conscience, Barbara Stilwell of the Indiana University School of Medicine describes the child’s quest for parental approval as the foundation for the emergence of conscience. She found that a child’s development of a sense of morality, ability to regulate impulses and emotions, and capacity for empathy with others is based on the child’s attachment to its parents, especially in the early years to its mother. [1]

At the time of the Founding of America, Conscience was an important driving ideal behind religious freedom.[2]


  1. "Conscience is the inward moral sense of what is right and what is wrong, the drive toward meaning and contribution. It is the guiding force to vision, discipline and passion. It stands in stark contrast to the life dominated by ego." The 8th Habit, Steven R. Covey, page 66
  2. James Madison and Religious Freedom