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The purpose of this contest is to give the Conservapedia editors a chance to compete in a contest to add news items for the "In the news" section of the Main page. In the past, we have had regular contests where the focus is on creating or improving existing articles. This contest will see who is the best at creating news articles appropriate for Conservapedia.


Team 1 Team 2
Captain [[User:|?]] Captain [[User:|?]]
Members Members
  1. [[User:|?]]
  2. [[User:|?]]
  1. [[User:|?]]
  2. [[User:|?]]
Point Tally
[[User:|?]] pts
[[User:|?]] pts
[[User:|?]] pts
Total 0
[[User:|?]] pts
[[User:|?]] pts
[[User:|?]] pts
Total 0

All editors can put suggestions for the "In the news" section. Team 1 - Scoring and Team 2 - Scoring.
These pages will be used by each team and will eliminate the need for individual scoring pages.
Each team captain is to transfer their team points to this page daily.

News criteria

All news items need to link to these type of articles:

  • Conservative
  • Anti-liberal

These type of news articles are not wanted and will be rejected outright:

  • Liberal
  • Atheistic
  • Parody
  • Entertainment related
  • Graphic language - remember the CP audience includes minors

Points awarded

(criteria + example):

  • 3 pts for the suggestion, link and wiki links to CP articles (simple, 1 liner)
The American Constitution [1]
  • 5 pts for the suggestion, link and wiki links to CP articles (advanced, several lines, multiple links)
Families are "fleeing Germany and taking up residence in the United Kingdom 'to escape a law introduced by Hitler'": Germany's law against homeschooling. "In school in Germany they expect you to be like everybody else; you cannot be different. If you don't have the correct clothes, like Nike and Adidas, or if you wear the wrong color, other children will not accept you." [2]
  • 7 pts for the suggestion, link, wiki links to CP articles, and pertinent photo from CP
Haleigh Poutre
Massachusetts Girl, Near Victim of Euthanasia, Talking More [3]
Doctors declared Haleigh "brain dead" and in a permanent vegetative state but that's when Poutre began responding.
  • 3 additional pts if the article is added to the Main page by an administrator. It is up to an admin to decide if the article is appropriate for the Main Page. Any admin can post articles to the Main Page.
  • 5 additional pts for each NEW CP article that is created to use in the news link. These pts will be added even if the article is not added to the Main page. The reason is because the new article will benefit Conservapedia.
U.N. goodwill ambassador and part-time Tomb Raider Angelina Jolie states the surge in Iraq is working: [4]
If you create a new article like goodwill ambassador to use in the news item and you wikilink it to the news article, this qualifies for the additional 5 points.


Crocoite and Geo are the judges.

Contest preparation

  • Discuss the contest ideas, etc. on the talk page.